Founder & Head Coach

“I was raised in a place called SWAT. South-West-Alief-Texas. This is an area in Houston, Texas. The neighborhood I lived in was a bit rough. Murder, gang violence, drug trafficking, prostitution, these kinds of things were everyday occurrences. My environment was affecting me and I was living life on the edge.

I was about 25 years old when Allah guided me to accept Islam. This was a precious gift as I started to come out of the darkness & into the light. This was in 2004. I started to appreciate and understand the gift of life that our Creator has given us. After a number of years I decided that the US was not a place for a Muslim to live so we made Hijra (migrated) to Malaysia.

While in the US I was blessed to train in Mixed Martial Arts with many talented fighters, including the brothers at Strength by Siam, also George “Macaco” Patino and the rest of the Gold Team Gym Fighters in Houston. I trained with professional UFC & Strikeforce fighters in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Boxing, Muay Thai & Kickboxing. I appreciated MMA a lot because I knew the value of being in good shape and being capable of defending yourself. I started training seriously. After training for about 6 years I started teaching others.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that a Strong Believer is Better & More Beloved to Allah than a Weak Believer. Through MMA you can stay strong and healthy as well as become capable of handling your business on the streets or anywhere else if ever needed. I loved training but what I found is that the MMA scene was plagued by many things that were not conducive to good character. When I stepped foot in many gyms I noticed that men and women were mixed in the same classes, music would be blasting, the mood was not serious and that arrogance, foul language, and bad manners were very common.

groupMyself and a few like minded brothers decided to start training as a small group at one of our homes. This way we could stay sharp and strong and avoid the negative aspects of the MMA Scene. Quickly our group started growing and we needed a better facility. After discussing we decided that we needed to start a MMA gym where people could come and learn proven methods for self defense & get fit in an atmosphere that promotes Honor, Respect, Discipline & Compassion.

We look forward to working with all people who are interested in improving and empowering themselves.”

Coach Salmaan,
Izza MMA


Kids’ MMA Coach

Babir is the coach for the kids’ MMA classes on Sundays. He began instructing with Izza in 2017.


Women’s Head Coach

Alia is the Izza MMA head coach for the women’s classes. She is from Kelana Jaya and works as an instructional designer at an oil and gas company. She originally trained in Silat Gayung for 4 years before beginning Tae Kwon Do, where she obtained a 2nd degree black belt in 2004. During this time she trained in Shaolin Goh Chor Kungfu before joining Jak Othman’s studio and training in Muay Thai in 2006.

Alia is currently instructing the class for women on Saturdays. Ladies can train with Alia in our women’s martial arts classes without having to worry about mixing with men. Her vast knowledge of different martial arts come together in her classes so you learn a variety of techniques while getting some serious training.


Women’s Coach

Ainul is a coach for our women’s only classes and instructs on Tuesday and Friday evenings. Ainul started as a student with Izza MMA in 2014 and began instructing in 2017. Ainul’s mix of martial arts, cardio and fitness exercises make her classes intense. Join Ainul on Tuesdays and Fridays at Izza MMA in a women’s only environment for an awesome workout.