Women's Only Kickboxing Classes at Izza MMA


Our women’s only class caters to women who want to feel comfortable working out and in a facility where only women are present for the lessons. It’s for new as well as experienced students. Whether you are looking for a women’s only kickboxing class, women’s only boxing class or women’s only muay thai class, our instructors combine techniques from all of them while incorporating cardio exercises so that students get an intense workout.

Our women’s classes are for women only and there is no male staff present in the facility during class.

Come get fit and lose weight in a setting where you can be completely comfortable!

If you have been looking for this sort of atmosphere, looking to get some exercise, improve your health, learn some martial art moves and meet some new friends, then come out and join us.  Our women’s only classes are held at our gym in Kota Damansara.  We may very well be the only mixed martial arts gym in PJ (Petaling Jaya), Selangor which offers ladies only boxing / kickboxing classes.  If you are looking for one on one training or need something that fits your schedule, we also offer private training classes with our female only instructors.

Not sure yet? Then check out our promo video featuring our female instructors, Alia and Ainul.